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Getitdun Working Dogs!

Purebred Kelpies and purebred Border Collies bred for ability and temperament to be all round working dogs who get the job done.

Shane has been breeding and training dogs for the past twenty years and is well known and respected in the field. Our dogs, both kelpies and border collies, continue to prove their abilities in the Yard Dog Trial ring.

Before they make the trial ring they need to prove themselves at home - currently a 3000 acre property near Yass, NSW which runs approximately 5000 sheep.


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May 2010
The weather is really starting to cool down now, with chilly nights and glorious days.  Perfect for a bit of dog training really.

Lambing has just begun with a handful on the ground a week earlier than expected, so it's going to be a busy time over the next couple of months with lambing followed by lamb marking, weaning and shearing.  Plenty of learning for young dogs and Shane's been working hard with the starters to get them ready for the hard yards ahead.  He's very excited as the quality of young dogs this year are way above average.  Keep your eye on the Dogs - For Sale section as there will be some handy dogs coming up as unfortunately we can't keep them all!

Our experienced working team has suffered in the last couple of months with the sad and unexpected loss of "Boss" in March.  A week later we said a 'farewell' of a different kind with the sale of "Snowy" ~ he's headed out to his new home now up at Williamsdale and his new boss is stoked with him.  It didn't end there though as just days later little Katie, our hard working girl, actually managed to run herself off a cliff!  She was getting to the lead of a large mob of sheep while mustering, and fell 30ft down an embankment, breaking her front leg and requiring surgery.  Unfortunately, and frustratingly, the metal plate has now managed to come undone twice now, which meant two more surgeries and a bone graft last week.  We're hopeful that she will now make a full recovery but our hearts go out to her as it's not been an easy road, and it's not over yet.

We have a repeat joining planned for May for Keir's Sky with Karabar Butch.  Keep your eye on the puppies page over the next few months.  Shane is very excited to have the opportunity to rejoin these two as their last litter produced top all-round dogs which included "Boss", "Snowy" and "Gemma".

February 2010

Typically training winds down a little over the hot summer months, and this year has been no different with plenty of days hovering around or over the 40 degree mark - way too unpleasant for dogs, sheep and most of all handlers who would be much more comfortable in front of airconditioning!

Having said that, Shane has plenty lined up with many young dogs just needing some final touches - keep an eye on the For Sale page and be sure to contact us with any enquiries!

We also have a new litter which landed on the ground in the early morning of New Years Day!  More info coming on the puppies page with the babies almost ready to go to new homes!

And the most exciting?  This new website of course!  Be sure to pass it around, put it on your facebook and myspace pages, shout it from the rooftops!  It will of course be ever evolving so be sure to come back often.  And remember that it's only early days now and we have a lot of photos and info to add before it will be close to complete!

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